The Basics of Renan Pacson : MegaMan Magazine January 2015 Designer Profile

Get to know the facets of Renan Pacson, the young designer carving his name as one of the most exciting design mavericks in town

by Raul Hernandez

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Lose those jeans!” a dear friend told me some time ago. I would’ve smiled knowingly but her expression did not hint any amorous intent, rather, it was clear she had something else in mind. Her statement was in reference to the fact that that particular pair of jeans I was wearing was, okay, maybe one fray too much, an inch too long, and a decade too old, and a shade so badly faded it doesn’t even count as one. But what the heck, I thought. They were very comfy.

Nearly everyone has one of those. That one black shirt (or white), that old sweater, and, yes, that pair of jeans… all of which you never want to let go of. Never! Now imagine if you could actually get your hands on a new pair of pants or shirt or jacket that immediately feels like you’ve been wearing them forever. Only this piece of clothing is styled with the casual sophistication that defies time.



It was rainy afternoon when we headed to gritty Malate to sit down with the soaring young designer, Renan Pacson. The “8th Floor Laboratory” along Roxas Blvd., as he call his shop cum residence, is where his ideas take form. Here is where the multi-talented Renan, who took up Clothing Technology and HRM at the University of the Philippines, cooks up his designs that are inspired by one part everything he has been through and the other part, current explorations. “It’s very instinctive.” he says And he is constantly experiential.

After university, he spent four years in Dubai and the UAE taking up couture shop, and doing visual merchandising and window displays for luxury brands, among them Versace and Cardin, which helped fuel his passion to find his place in the fashion world.

Once back home, Renan signed up for the design competition turned reality TV show, MEGA Young Designers Competition in 2012. Winning that competition marked one of the dare we say, many milestones of his career. He fondly recalls during the audition, one of the judges said, “Your designs are very pang-sagala.” Renan counters “Of course, i was coming from Middle East and the look of my design was ‘the more the merrier‘”. All things considered, he will be forever grateful for that opportunity.

It was also during that show that he rediscovered himself. “They did not like my initial pieces, but they liked what I was wearing. Buti na din outfit-era ako talaga! That’s how I got in,” he intimates. Since then he has been designing clothes that, “I would wear myself.



Who is Renan?

At first, I would describe it as very minimalist, experimental, edgy, underground…and the predilection of anything dark,” explains the young lad from Nueva Ecija.

When I design something I want flexibility in my pieces“. He plays around with well-tailored, oversized cuts that encourage mobility. Wearing a Renan Pacson feels relaxed and comfortable at any time—ready to engage in a zombie apocalypse for example. It is both sinuous and utile. That flexibility is evident in the collection he’s done. From reinventing sportswear and applying it to the vocabulary of the street, to his Dadaist Marcel Duchamp inspired ‘Auto-da-Fé’ collection that explores the passion and burning of red without razing yourself to the ground.

I always go back to the t-shirt. That’s my philosophy. Clothes can be whatever they are, but they have to be as comfy and effortless as a t-shirt.” And that’s what style should always be—natural and personal.



Renan’s pulse may share the same heart as Japanese trailblazers Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake but his creations are distinctly his. His work ethic rivals Karl Lagerfeld. Yes, his clothes may not be for everyone, and he gets that. Renan actually understands that. But once in a while, “the clothes will choose you.”

If you’re confident about yourself, make an act-of-faith. Maybe you will never part with that black tee, or sweater, or (in my case) that pair of jeans. But do yourself a favour. Try out a Renan Pacson—edgy, intriguing, exciting. Renan’s designs will be the next pieces you won’t be able to part with. Ever.


***Published in Mega Man Magazine January 2015

Photography: John Ocampo of Studio 100

Creative Direction: Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena

Grooming: Marina Fernando of Haute Heads

Model: Adryan Hanson of Talent Man Models

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