what is a trip to Holland without the windmills?!?

Well, I haven’t really shared about my wonderful trip to the Netherlands yet, so I decided to just have an online account of my experience before my memory betrays me. It’s my first time in Europe so this trip was really exciting for me! Skip the airport pictures…fast-forward to day 2 (as day 1 was of course meeting the bf’s family and friends 🙂 )


We stayed in DELTA Hotel in Vlaardingen which was a nice hotel along the river Maas. Lovely hotel, very plain and straight-forward…no fancy stuff,though, but I like the maritime concept which could be seen in all corners and in every detail of the hotel. The city of Delft  is a 30-minute drive away from Vlaardingen, so we decided to have a day tour around the town.


The main city square is just breath-taking! Lined-up with brown cafes, small shops of Delftware and other fancy things. One of the houses in this square is where the artist Johannes Vermeer lived and did most of his paintings. Amazing structures!!!!

Delft city square

cheese…cheese…cheese everywhere!

We first visited the “NEW CHURCH” which is not really new per sé, construction was completed in 1496. This is where you could find the mausoleum of “William of Oranje/ William the Silent” the father of the fatherland!


Creepy, stunning details adorn the tomb of William the Silent…details overload! So inspiring! And there’s a monitor where you could watch an actual burial ceremony of a member of a royal family, so elaborate and grand and creepy all at the same time!

coat of arms

beautiful, eerie marble skulls…

bronze cherub..look at the expression on the face!

bronze skull…they’re in every corner of the mausoleum…hauntingly beautiful!

     The “New Church” is also famed for its tower, one could actually go up through the wooden ladder (300+ ft high) and reach the bell tower where one could have a visual spectacle of the view of Holland…but being an extreme acrophobic, I had to pass…I’m very much ok with the ground tour…LOL

     We then headed to the “OLD CHURCH” also known as “Old John” which was built back in 1246, yes, almost 800 years old! The tomb of Johannes Vermeer could be found here…chills ran up and down my spine as I sat and just got lost with my thoughts while the sound of the organ was playing in deep solemnity in the background.

the burial site of Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer

Then off to Prinsenhof, which was where William the Silent lived and was assassinated. Creepy place, I had goosebumps walking up the stairs where he was shot, and upon seeing the bullet holes that are still there!


The place now houses a spectacular amount of Dutch paintings from the Golden Age!


One of the many paintings in Prinsenhof is this one.That guy on the painting is King Philip II, yes, the same King Phillip II of Spain where our beloved country (Philippines) was named after. He is the same guy who ordered the assassination of William the Silent. (*f#@*^ng Spaniards!)

     Overwhelming amount of history and arts! My imagination was jumping up and down wildly with all the inspiration I was getting from all the visual delights and the whole experience!

somewhere around the plaza is this book shop with this cool sign! literally a “book worm” !

…and that was just the second day…wait til I share my other exciting experiences in Amsterdam and other places around Europe. Stay tuned! 🙂 Oh wait, let me spill my tacky tagline… “Im DELFinitely coming back to DELFT“…k.thanks.bye.


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