Frock and Roll 2012

I am a proud NOVO Ecijano (child of the province of Nueva Ecija) !!!! So when Provacateur contacted and invited me to be part of a program which would coincide in celebration of Nueva Ecija week, I happily obliged. It’s a week long celebration commemorating the bravery and valor of revolutionary Novo Ecijanos…it’s the 112th anniversary of the revolt of Novo Ecijanos against the Spaniards, the cry of Nueva Ecija!!! So, why not?!?

I decided to show my Injured Olympia collection, as it never really had a runway debut yet! (and due to time constraint, it’s the only thing I could actually show…hihi..);)

The whole production team are all Novo Ecijanos…all the models,too…never knew there’s so much pretty faces here,ah…and the guys too…i wanted to do a last minute change of plan to showcase menswear (or underwear ala BENCH) just because I spotted some cuties… (blah..blah…)

So here’s my Injured Olympia collection on the runway of FROCK and ROLL 2012… (fyi: i also made their bonnet x visor head gear, cute noh?!?)

While the models sashayed on the runway, rock band Light of Luna played their song “Acceptance” ….cool band actually! You guys should listen to them!

The big surprise came after I took my bow…the host of the program announced something on the microphone and I saw our (MYDC) beloved mother Avel Bacudio standing out of the audience area and going up on stage….like hello?!? THE AVEL BACUDIO in Nueva Ecija?!? Super THANK YOU Sir AVEL, i’m beyond words to express how thankful I am for your support ng bonggang-bongga!!! BIG LOVE!!! super!!! 🙂

And thank you PROVACATEUR for the recognition, yieee, i like the plaque a lot!!! (*it’s such a great feeling being recognized by your own province…)


Photo Credits:: Richard Dayao Reyes/ Mark Batle/ Juan Carlos Miguel Alomajan

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