MEGA Magazine April 2012

GOWWWW!!!! Grab a copy or two of the APRIL issue of MEGA Magazine with the gorgeous Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez on the cover.

Finally, made it on print!woohoo!!!!

I remember back in my college days, MEGA would have their “MARKET DAY”, one time, my friend Joseph and I decided to come to MEGA office with a bag load of “what-we-thought-were-couture” pieces, we solicited varying reactions as we didn’t know it was more for RTW stuff…,LOL…but MEGA staff was still kind enough to take our pieces. Joseph’s pieces made it on MANUAL Magazine….my pieces were just lost in oblivion…hahaha 🙂

Fast-forward to 2012…my clothes are now part of the cover story…top model Tweetie De Leon Gonzalez (*oh im a big fan,madam!) wearing pieces by yours truly…how surreal,noh?!?

So go lang ng go…never stop chasing after your dreams, and i’m just so grateful that there are now platforms that support young talents. And MEGA has been pioneering this advocacy of pushing young Filipino talents. My MARKET day pieces may have ended up in the deepest, darkest corner of the storage room, but by constantly believing and continuously working hard for it, finally, my fashion-fairy godmothers heeded my call and my clothes made their way into the pages of the magazine I have so long adored and worshiped… 🙂

So gowwww, buy in bulk…give to a friend…share the love… 😉


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    1. conchita wrote:

      Well, there’s nothing really special about this look’; the usual classic poses, the usual use of the color palette and the manner of “air brushing” it to the model is just as ordinary as the over all concept and idea of this issue….. I can not believe I’m saying this, but if they are really trying to persuade us that the fiilipino fashion scene is really fashion forward ; then there must be really something revolutionary, there must be a laborious inspiration that must be bore out by those run-of-the-mill style editors and not these 1950’s inspired vogue-ish cover and most of all, there must be a concept so original that it would make me REALLY WANNA BUY the issue and cut some of its pages and paste it on my wall as ‘inspiration.

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