Mother Africa x High Tribe x Street Wear

With only 5 show in Manila, we decided to see Cirque Mother Africa in Newport Theater in Resort’s World Manila last Saturday 21 of April, 2012. As the name suggests, it is a mix of performances and acts all by an African ensemble which seemed very interesting.

Cirque Mother Africa is a 2-hour show which could be cut down to just 45 minutes. If you’ve seen Cirque Du Soleil or grander productions like Fantasea in Phuket then you wouldn’t really be amazed by the show. Although, there are parts which I totally enjoyed and kept me at the edge of my seat. There were performances that were very pure and kind of monastic that it gave me goosebumps. In fairness, it was a very good show, although I think they could use some editing on the long song numbers which were like lullaby to me that night.

The whole show was suppose to show performances from all the countries across the whole African continent, although, only one performance was thoroughly explained which exact country it came from, the rest, you have to guess and do your own research.

But of course, as a designer, I was totally mesmerized by the mish-mash of textures, the prints, the extreme excessiveness of accessorizing and decoration, the unafraid use and mixing of colors…love…love…love it!

With a hangover from Cirque Mother Africa and being soooo inspired by the editorial in May issue of VOGUE UK by Mario Testino ( see exclusive behind-the-scene footage of the shoot HERE ) I also tried and went wild in mixing prints and patterns….materials and textures….think floral plus tribal…leather, neoprene and rubber…

Et voila! My own take on high tribe x mother Africa x streetwear…

**be brave, forget the rules! go lang ng go!!!! 🙂

tribal shirt topman; floral shorts HYD by Renan Pacson; bag Marni x H&M

**i decided to do the POSTURA Project– a 30-day challenge to wear something Filipino everyday for 30 days…well, i do wear something Filipino-made everyday, just too lazy to take photos of myself and make outfit posts…but this should be lezzzgowww!!!!

::Postura Project- Day 1

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