Renan Pacson for Future Shoes: The Mayor’s Gala Marikina City



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Of Mutants and Monsters

   I envisioned a post-apocalyptic setting, where there is constant winter and darkness!
Humans had to mutate in order to survive. Monsters and mutants share the same space and time.
Sub-conciously, I believe I was heavily inspired with my recent trip to Siena, where a huge population was wiped-out because of the “bubonic plague” (black death). The shoes I designed could creep-out someone who is scared of rodents. Somehow, putting on a pair is like stepping on a rat (*not for the faint of heart)
All pieces were made of cowhide which I got from Netherlands, and with the expertise of Marikina cobblers, they were turned into super comfortable pairs  that could totally compete in the global footwear arena.

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