Renan Pacson : Sort Sol (Manila Fashion Festival S/s 2015)


Sort Sol
Migration. Flight. Ominous sky.

    …it marks the start of winter. Up to a million starlings flock and take their flight to a warmer place. They take their flight in huge numbers, gracefully creating formations in the sky and covering the bright sun, hence, the name “black sun (sort sol)
Patterned italian cotton with black mesh over-lay to mimic the darkness brought by the swarm. Individually, pieces were basic shirts and shorts but put together, they make a strong statement just like the meek starlings, once they form together could turn fatal for any outsider who dare to attack and invade the flock. Dark clouds and bright skies were translated into palette of whites, greys and blacks. And a finale piece in water-proof silver material to signal the end of this beautifully haunting phenomenon.

 Photo credits: and Stylebible

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